Lead Abatement

Has your home or business tested positive for lead paint? It’s time to schedule professional lead abatement. There’s a reason lead paint has been banned in the U.S. since 1978: breathing or ingesting this toxic metal can cause all sorts of health problems, from nervous system disorders to reproductive issues and stunted growth. Hiring a specialist to carry out lead paint removal can make your building safer and healthier for everyone who occupies it. In and around Louisville, your best bet for removing lead paint promptly and properly is Bluegrass Technologies Corp. We make quality workmanship our top priority, not resting until your space is safe. Learn more and schedule your appointment by contacting us today!

Bluegrass Technologies Corp - Customer Service Our comprehensive lead abatement services include:

  • Testing to determine if you have a problem, and how widespread it is
  • Containing contaminated areas so that lead dust and paint flakes don’t spread
  • Safely removing lead paint, without causing any additional contamination

Improper or amateur lead-based paint removal can actually make your situation worse, sending even more lead particles into the air and across your property. When you hire Bluegrass Technologies Corp. for lead paint abatement, you can rest assured that we’ll take all necessary safety precautions and follow the EPA’s approved procedures for lead removal. We want to make your situation better, and that means doing our job right.

Lead Paint Removal Since 1997

We’ve been helping Louisville-area home- and business owners with lead remediation since 1997. We’ll put everything we’ve learned in those years in the industry to work in your space. Our experience helps us provide superior results. We’re also proud to be licensed, insured, and EPA certified for lead paint abatement. We’ve become the local region’s trusted lead abatement contractors because we know what we’re doing and we care about our customers’ well-being and satisfaction with our work.

In addition to offering quality workmanship and customer service, we provide some of the best rates for lead-based paint removal in town. If worries about the cost have kept you from scheduling lead removal in your home or business, it’s time to call Bluegrass Technologies Corp. We’ll be happy to give you a free cost estimate, so you know ahead of time how much removing lead-based paint will cost. We’re confident that this important service will be worth every penny to you.

Contact Bluegrass Technologies Corp. today to learn more about what sets us apart from other lead remediation companies in Louisville, and to book your appointment for lead testing and removal. There’s no time like the present to make sure your living or working environment is healthy and hazard-free! 

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